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GJE Engineering is an EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Management) company based in Indonesia affiliated with Bluestar Engineering Ltd from Calgary, Canada. We specialize in small to medium-sized upstream oil and gas projects. As a fully integrated multi-discipline organization, we offer a full spectrum of engineering services to identify, plan, and implement capital projects, as well as optimize existing ones.

We have a strong foundation in all major engineering disciplines, with senior staff providing leadership and technical expertise on all projects. Our team works to bridge the gap between project conception and project execution. GJE Engineering staff have a proven track-record of success, with the majority of senior staff having over fifteen years of industry experience.

Our Core Principles.

GJE Engineering operates based on five core principles that serve as the foundation for every step and decision we make. These principles represent the values we hold dear.


From project conception to completion, GJE Engineering number one priority is compliance with client and industry regulations and standards.


We openly share and discuss all ideas and the process of making decisions. Closing the communication loop establishes trust and strengthens client relations.


Our approach to project execution ensures that projects remain on time and within budget.


We are committed to ensuring precise and consistent deliverables that meet our Quality Management System.


Whether it’s unique technical challenges, schedule constraints, or adjusting staff to meet project workload; GJE Engineering adapts to meet client's needs.

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